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POWERformance Facilitator

It’s easy!

People who become certified are amazed that it’s so easy to learn and so easy to facilitate. One reason why that’s the case is our detailed Facilitator’s Guide.


Besides getting step-by-step instructions, you receive a script with the exact words you can use. It’s packed with specific open-ended questions to ask to encourage interaction. We even give you suggested transitions to ensure a smooth delivery.


You don’t have to think about adding any content. Everything is there for you.


It doesn’t require much time!

You can plan on this time commitment:


  • An initial 90-minute session

  • Several hours to study the Facilitator’s Guide

  • A one-hour teach back session

  • A half-hour debrief after your first “real” delivery


It’s personalized!

Joy Van Skiver, creator of a coaching language, conducts your certification either one-to-one or in a small group. You can count of lots of individual attention.


It fits for corporate and for independents!

Although most of our certified facilitators are in the corporate environment, we welcome independent coaches and consultants who want to make money using our proven programs.


It’s forever!

You’re certified for life, and there are no annual renewal fees.


If you’re a corporate trainer whose company pays for your certification, your certification goes with you wherever you, even if you become an independent consultant.


It’s rewarding!

Certified facilitators tell us they receive tons of praise and lots of thank-yous every time they facilitate one of our programs. Better yet, there’s an internal sense of satisfaction you gain because this training is so practical. Everyone will use what they learn and their coaching will make a difference.

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