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Coaches and Consultants

Are you a passionate independent consultant who coaches managers? Joining us as a Certified POWERformance Facilitator (CPF) will help you leverage that passion to grow your business.


When you complement your established services with either POWERformance or POWER Sales Coaching, your ROI will be significant. Not just in dollars but in credibility. Your clients will love you even more than they do now!


For a small investment of both time and money, you can:


  • Increase your revenue stream without creating a new program or designing materials. We’ve done that already — no need to reinvent the wheel.

  • Weave in a new angle to generate renewed interest in your services RIGHT NOW.

  • Attract new clients by offering a special expertise others in your field don’t have.


The training is appropriate for anyone who manages people in any work area. You can use it virtually or face-to-face, for as few or as many people as you like.


For more details about your commitment, click here.

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