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Coaching Language Toolkit

Coaching Language Toolkit

This is micro-learning at its best! Sometimes it’s just not possible to devote more than an hour to a training session, or coordinating schedules becomes a challenge. Or, only one person is interested in learning. That’s why we created our Coaching Language Toolkit. Here’s what the Toolkit includes:


Every Toolkit user receives a link to an 8-minute video tutorial by our president, Joy Van Skiver, explaining what a coaching language is, why it’s important, and how it works. Joy’s personalized message includes a short story of one manager’s use of our Smart Start word prompts and thought formulas.


Watch this 3-minute clip to get a sense of the advice Joy offers:


An 18-page, 4- x 6-inch spiral-bound booklet is the foundation for learning how to use a coaching language. Packaged in a bright-colored envelope, it comes with a “prescription” explaining the steps to follow. Choose one or both of these two booklets:

POWERformance Reminders

This booklet is appropriate for any people manager in any work area. Use the arrows on the image for a sneak preview:

Power Coaching Reminders

This booklet is designed specifically for sales managers. All the sample comments are typical of sales coaching in field visits or sales coaching reports. Use the arrows on the image for a sneak preview:


Your leadership development manager uses our Discussion Guide to facilitate a 15-minute follow-up discussion. Just send Toolkit users the questions beforehand, and they’ll be prepared to talk about their experiences using a coaching language.

Buy Now

Each Toolkit is $35 plus shipping and handling. Go to our store to place your order.

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