Customized Coaching Initiatives

Better performance is your goal. How you get there depends on a lot of factors, including what training you’ve already provided and what resources you want to have in place. We’ll design a Customized Initiative to reach your long-term goal.


Here are highlights from an initiative we created, Sales Coaching Accountability in the Field:

Client’s Objective

Fourteen Regional Directors (RDs) must hold 100+ first line managers accountable for superior coaching of 1,000+ sales reps.

Initiative Elements

  • Assessment of 100+ Coaching Comments in the Sales Performance App

  • Trainer Certification for 7 Trainers, including 4 Field Sales Trainers

  • Kick-off Slides to be Used in a National Sales Meeting

  • Rollout of POWER Sales Coaching for all Managers and all RDs

  • Audio Learning Aids for Everyone

  • One-to-one Virtual Coaching for RDs

  • Coaching Phone Conference for Field Sales Trainers

  • Follow Up Coaching for Some Managers

  • Progress Assessment of New Sales Coaching Comments

  • Regional Assessments Including Self-Assessments and RDs’ Assessments

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