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Excerpts from
Sales Writing Assessments

From a Pre-training Assessment for Client XYZ

All your sales managers are doing a fine job of offering praise for a job well done. The overall impression we had, however, was that your sales force is so good they really don’t need to improve. These reports are filled with “great job, nice job,” but there’s very little support for why the job was “great” or “nice.”

As the following chart shows, your managers’ reports don’t include much direction:

PCR Pie Chart.jpg

In the Follow Up and Action Items section, most managers are simply giving reps a To-Do list that doesn’t relate to behavior. Sometimes the coaching advice is as weak as: “Review your appointment schedule on a weekly basis.”

From a Post-training Assessment for Client ABC

This assessment is based on a review of 30 coaching reports, 2 from each DM who participated in the training and then received a Personalized Coaching Review from The POWERformance Group. To ensure that DMs continue to improve, this assessment includes Next Steps for ABC’s team leaders.

The following bar graph shows the extent of improvement:

BioScience Graph1.jpg

Four DMs — John, Rebecca, Matt and Fiona — are very likely to continue improving as long as they receive extra coaching from ABC’s sales leaders. Since their reports are inconsistent in the Areas for Development section, your RDs will need to remind them of this question: What did you observe that indicates a need for the rep to improve?

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