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Coaches and Consultants

Your Investment

Your only up-front investment is a $500 Starter Kit Fee when you sign our agreement. You receive a Facilitator’s Guide and participant materials.

We want you to start earning income before requiring you to pay the $3,000 Certification Fee. We offer a two-year extended payment plan — a plan that fits for you, with a timeframe that considers your anticipated income. If you choose to pay the fee in full within six months after becoming certified, we will reduce the total fee to $2,500.

You are certified for life. There are no annual renewal fees, and we don’t require any minimum purchase of materials.

Your Clients’ Investment

Your clients do not have to pay any licensing fee.


They simply purchase materials directly from us. The $135 Participant Kit includes an electronic pre-work piece, a Participant Guide and an 18-page, spiral-bound job aid.


Shipping and handling are additional. We’re willing to mail to individuals’ homes if that’s best for your clients.

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