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Complimentary QPC Assessment

How many of your managers are facilitating quality performance conversations (QPC)?


Since there’s no way to listen in on managers’ conversations with team members, how are you determining the quality of those conversations?

Take this QPC Assessment to gain insight into the strength of coaching at your company.

  • Observations in meetings and training sessions? What you see and hear may be more valuable than you realize.


Based on years of working with managers to improve coaching conversations, we’ve created a QPC Assessment. You’re welcome to use it to help you determine coaching quality at your company. We’ll provide confidential feedback — no strings attached.



From a Director of Leadership Development —


Thank you for consolidating good coaching attributes in one diagnostic tool. You made it easy to focus on our priorities.

  • Feedback from team members? That’s one good source as long as you have effective measures in place to collect the data. They certainly can tell you if they feel like they’re being well-coached.

  • Comments from managers? That source might be skewed slightly because lots of managers think they’re effective coaches when they’re really not.

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