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We simplify coaching. And
we’ve proven that simple works.


Joy Van Skiver, founder and president, has established a strong reputation as a dynamic facilitator and an astute consultant. The author of three books, Joy is passionate about her work. It’s quite common to hear her say, “I love what I do!”

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How We Started


The POWERformance Group grew out of years of working with managers on communication skills. We discovered a huge gap between perception and reality — managers thought they were coaching, but:

  • Their coaching comments were vague, superficial, lacking in both direction and motivation.

  • Too often their focus was what’s wrong but no suggestion for fixing it.

  • Or, the other extreme — too much praise and nothing to encourage growth.

  • They were recapping the past with zero emphasis on the future.


Only about 20% of managers were hitting the mark of meaningful coaching.

That’s why we created what we call a coaching language.


What We Believe

In this 12-minute video interview, Joy Van Skiver explains:

  • What managers need.

  • How we help managers coach.

  • Why we know our coaching language works.

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