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POWER Sales Coaching
How to Sell Performance 

The Missing Link


POWER Sales Coaching — 2 hours of training with optional follow up — is the missing link in sales leadership development efforts. It’s the practical How To element that managers haven’t heard before. With our coaching language, they find it easy to turn observations into behavior-based comments and strong direction. Both in writing and in one-to-ones.

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From Sales Winner to Sales Manager


Sales managers are where they are because they’ve proven their ability to sell. Their titles change from rep to manager, but they’re still selling — they’re “selling” better performance! They can use the same selling habits that made them winners in the field to help them build high performing teams. For example, they already know that benefits sell. Why not connect a rep’s behavior to benefits and results?



Evidence of our success stands out dramatically in sales coaching reports. Typically, only 20% of those reports provide strong direction. After POWER Sales Coaching, that climbs to at least 80%. Managers “get it.”

Clients have identified four vital outcomes:

  • Better performance, yielding increased sales

  • More time to focus on strategy and the bigger picture

  • Healthier relationships in the field

  • No surprises at performance review time!


POWER Sales Coaching has had a dramatic effect on the extent of direction in our reports. Managers whose reports were full of generalities before the training are now being very specific. It’s a world of difference!

— Vice President, Sales

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