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Coaching Assessments

We have established a strong reputation for objectively assessing performance-related writing, including sales coaching reports and performance reviews.



Clients tell us these are the primary benefits:

  • Senior management gets a clear picture of the quality of written coaching without reviewing lots of reports or reviews.

  • An outside, objective viewpoint supports what some leaders may believe is the case, but theirs is a gut feeling, not proof.

  • Assessments can set the bar for ongoing developmental objectives.

  • Assessments serve as springboards for discussion.

What We Include


As much as possible, we provide a quantitative analysis, such as:


Examples from your reports and reviews make it easy for everyone to understand our findings.


We pinpoint specific recommendations for senior management’s direction and coaching.

Excerpts from
Sales Coaching Assessments

Baseline Assessment

Post-training Assessment

Post-training Regional Analysis

Despite very well-received training programs on coaching skills, we still see gaps in our DMs’ sales coaching reports. Even seasoned managers are merely scratching the surface. All our managers have the WILL to create results-focused reports but apparently not the SKILL.

— VP, Sales

Excerpts from Performance Review Assessments

Assessment of Direction

Assessment of Benefits

Assessment of Major Impact

We’re so excited to see evidence that managers have embraced reinvented reviews!

— VP, HR

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