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In a Nutshell

POWERformance, a 90-minute discussion-based training session, takes performance conversations to the next level. You can count on quality check-ins when your managers know how to coach, not just talk. We simplify the manager-as-coach role by giving managers a smart coaching language. Easy-to-remember word prompts as well as simple formulas give them the “right” words.

In post-training surveys, 92% say they’re more confident and comfortable in their role as coaches, and 96% will recommend it to their colleagues.

Observation Plus Coaching

Here’s the difference you can expect after POWERformance:

Improved performance is the goal, right? That happens when managers highlight outcomes desired more than problems experienced.


Our Secret Sauce

Managers eagerly embrace our Smart Start Toolkit™. That’s our secret sauce. More than 25 Smart Starts lead managers into motivating, specific and future-focused comments.

Managers tell us they use their favorite Smart Starts in every performance conversation. Reviews of written comments in apps and follow ups show a direct correlation between the number of Smart Starts used and the strength of the coaching provided.

Reinventing Performance Reviews

One of our specialties is helping companies reinvent performance reviews. To see how one client accomplished this, take a look at this case study.

A Perfect Fit for You

Tell us where you are on your performance innovation journey, and we’ll ensure that POWERformance fits perfectly with your strategy. If you’ve eliminated performance reviews, for example, we’ll focus on check-ins and in-the-moment coaching, or whatever you feel is most important. Customizing, certification, co-branding, translation rights and eLearning modules are all options.



From a director of human resources:


We feel very confident that POWERformance has had an impact on performance improvement. Not only does the data support how effective the training is, we continue to hear anecdotal reports that managers are using what they learned in all their performance conversations.


From an experienced manager:

This is the most practical training I’ve ever experienced. I wish I had learned this ‘coaching language’ when I first became a manager.

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