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90-minute Training Session

Managers learn a coaching language by discussing lots of examples from real coaching conversations and real performance reviews.


By contrasting Typical Feedback to POWERformance Style, managers discover why the words they use have a significant impact on the quality of their coaching. They focus on highlighting outcomes desired more than problems experienced.

Performance Reviews

POWERformance makes it easy for managers to turn traditional documenting reviews into future-focused coaching reviews. Read more about this in The Perfect Year to Reinvent Performance Reviews.

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A Perfect Fit for You

Tell us where you are on your performance innovation journey, and we’ll ensure that POWERformance fits perfectly with your strategy. If you’ve eliminated performance reviews, for example, we’ll focus on check-ins and in-the-moment coaching, or whatever you feel is most important. Customizing, certification, co-branding, translation rights and eLearning modules are all options.



We feel very confident that POWERformance has had an impact on performance improvement. Not only does the data support how effective the training is, we continue to hear anecdotal reports that managers are using what they learned in all their performance conversations.

— Director, Human Resources

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