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The sports world has always been a great source of inspirational stories for business leaders. Here’s one from the December 2017 Army-Navy game that resonated with me because I’m a strong advocate of “next time” coaching:

The score was 14-13 with Army ahead and just a f...

Fact: People forget. Not just old people, but people with a lot on their minds, people dealing with information overload.

Fact: People forget important things like what a manager offers as developmental feedback.

Fact: People are more likely to remember what they hear wh...

Think about your favorite coach in the sports world. Does s/he wait till weeks after a game to give players feedback? No way! Coaching occurs during a game, during practice, during half-time and immediately after the game.

At The POWERformance Group, we believe in maxim...

Based on my active participation in Performance Management conferences and as an avid reader of current research, I can see that the jury’s still out on performance reviews. Keep them? Toss them? Change them?

Just as company cultures are different, a decision one compan...

Sales managers are where they are because they have proven their ability to sell. Their titles change from rep to manager, but they’re still selling—they’re “selling” better performance! They can use the same selling habits that made them winners in the field to help t...

Trading places is always a smart way to reflect on any business communication. That’s especially true with performance conversations. Think about what the other person is hearing as opposed to what you’re saying.

So, trade places for a moment with a team member you...

Performance conversations can be very positive experiences, especially when they occur frequently and when the focus is coaching. That’s the opinion I hear from managers and their team members.

And yet, I hear this common frustration from managers — Why do I have to rep...

Are you ready to try a new slant in this year’s performance reviews? Here’s some advice based on my experience helping clients get results from a time-consuming, often stressful process.

To ensure that your reviews are meaningful, keep these five guidelines in mind:

  • ...

According to the Corporate Executive Board, effective performance conversations can increase enterprise contribution by up to 20%. Companies that reinforce those conversations with strong coaching in writing are at the high end of that estimate. Here’s why that’s the c...

Have you ever met anyone who enjoys writing performance reviews?

Think about your own experiences—have you ever looked forward to receiving a review?

If “No” is your answer to those two questions, here’s some good news—

Companies are reinventing performance reviews! Not j...

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